About Clinic Champ

We noticed a gap in the professional podiatry equipment market - limited options for foot care professionals purchasing tools online. To close this gap, we started Clinic Champ.

Our mission is to allow for a simple, enjoyable online buying experience for professional podiatry supplies. 

Here are some points we emphasize to help you shop with confidence:

On-Site Experience: High resolution photos that show podiatry products accurately. Reliable product descriptions. Attentive customer service.  

Shipping and Post-Purchase: Affordable shipping rates to the US and Canada. Clear return policy and simple returns for all podiatry products. 

Relationship Management: We partner with trustworthy vendors offering quality podiatry supplies and superior service for any products that require maintenance.


Variety of professional podiatry burs


We are always happy to hear from our customers. Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have about our podiatry tools.