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EKS Solingen

1 x 13 mm Double-Ended Blacks File 9-90R

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Approximate file dimensions on either end: 1 mm width x 13 mm length

Slender stainless steel podiatry nail file with a straight head at one end and a curved head at the other. Narrow size (1 mm file width) requires a firm grip by the user but does not displace much soft tissue, reducing trauma and pain to the patient.

This podiatry blacks file is effectively used to smooth the rough edges of an ingrown nail after being split off with a splitter nipper. This prevents the sharp edge from pushing into the soft tissue of the nail groove as the nail grows.

When the narrow build of this file is difficult to keep pressed against the nail, a wider blacks file that's more stable can be used instead. An alternative to using a file is to smooth the barb on the side of the nail with a diamond ball bur rotating at low speed.


EKS Solingen

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